Brückner & Brückner: Bayerisch-Böhmisches Kulturzentrum - best architects 08

Brückner & Brückner

Bayerisch-Böhmisches Kulturzentrum

best architects 08

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Peter Manev


At the border – forgotten spaces – houses full of expectation. Culture as a bridge – related to the time – Goldener Steig – Glasstraße – then the end – now the center Bavarian-Bohemian centuries unite – in a digital and analog way. Fieldstones provided in the earth, the farmer threw it away, are stacking to rooms with diversified work – a brewery for the entire town – first beer, then forged iron, then storage and ruin. Unique, freely arched spaces change their content with the power of narration. One likes to scratch, sweep, expose the old and leave out the new. A house for a stair, more than only the vertical. Existing volumes may grow – as it has always been – the glass bears – the iron floats – the wood runs smoothly over the surfaces, borders become blurred and can be perceived. – Human beings fill the room.