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Modersohn & Freiesleben

Bürohaus an der Ebertstraße

best architects 08 gold

office/administrative buildings





Johannes Modersohn


The ideal location between Potsdamer Platz and Tiergarten turns the Beisheim Center into a bridge between two worlds: the busy modern city life, business, shopping and high-class culture on the one hand is an interesting contrast to the quiet retreat and the winding paths of the vast Tiergarten, which has kept its charm since Peter Joseph Lenné designed the park. Being part of the Beisheim Center the office building was built in Ebertstrasse between a hotel and an apartment building. The elegant office building covered by the nature stone Verde Salvan offers high-quality spaces in a stylish atmosphere together with the first-class location Potsdamer Platz. The ten floors high building requires to be pithy (pregnant), specific, exact and usual: loadbearing walls, windows, stacked floors, flexible to use. It becomes a piece of the city, a building stone of the street, a house in the wall. Cars are passing, you walk along large windows, there is a shop, a restaurant, in the middle the entrance. You look along the facade and stop at the canopy, a ledge two meter wide. That is where the city stops and the sky begins. The façade is a wall, but the wall is perforated by windows. They are not only holes in the wall, they are windows to be opened by the users of the house. In front of the windows are railings made of cast aluminum, representing ivy leaves, twisted with the nature stone slabs. Opening and wall form a texture, they become concrete, holes become windows. Behind the entrance, covered by an aluminum-ivy-curtain, there is a cave of marble and light. The stone slabs are large and heavy like the house – polished and tender. A valuable, beautiful stone based on the concrete of the office building: pithy, specific and usual.