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MGF / Armin Günster

Deutsche Botschaft Tokio

best architects 07

office/administrative buildings


Tokio | Japan


BBR Bonn / MGF Archiv


Intimacy through distance – with the resolution of the apparent contradiction within this coupling of words, the German Embassy in Tokyo attempts – with all due respect towards the host country Japan, and at the same time with confidence and assuredness – to fulfill the intended role as mediator and bearer of the values and thoughts of the Federal Republic. The openness of the chancellery building striven for finds its continuation in the floor plan organization. A central hall in the center allows for the necessary communication area connecting the individual services and departments. The lightwell, which reaches as far as the entry level can be connected and thereby be used as a single ceremonial room. The consular area with its own entrance coupled with the main entrance and gate, clearly shows in a unique manner the efforts towards openness and user-friendliness. The facade construction includes the external sun shading necessary, which reacts to varying weather conditions thanks to its mechanical directability. The spacious effect is underlined by oversized glazing in aluminum frames. Through these measures a higher daylight coefficient is achieved though comfortable climatic conditions are retained. The interior design and color concept closely follow the material used. Exposed concrete surfaces, layers of natural stone in the public spaces, structured metal surfaces in the official areas and on doors, as well as the cool green of the glazing, all expose the natural surfaces of the material used and are not disguised by additional coatings.