Daniele Marques: Neubau Gemeindeverwaltung Werkhof Feuerwehrdepot - best architects 07

Daniele Marques

Neubau Gemeindeverwaltung Werkhof Feuerwehrdepot

best architects 07

office/administrative buildings




The structure understands itself as a compact building complex which, with its calm and powerful appearance, complements the historic monastery and cemetery. It also symbolizes the community center of Münsterlingen, which serves as the new center. Towards the north, the clear building volume defines a small square as a parking, access and entry area. Towards the west, a calmly designed and low profile facade forms the spatial frame for the redesigned cemetery. The new design of the pathways and squares aims at upvalueing the location around the existing chapel in a dignified way, and the box hedge demarcates the cemetery as a quiet space. Towards the south, the volume complements the sketched outdoor space in front of the old department of pathology and hospital building which offers parking. The symbolism of the fire station and the driveway into the maintenance depot characterize the building‘s expression towards Klosterstrasse. The expression of the building is determined by a concrete facade, imprinted with the wide, raw planks used in construction and tinted black, reminiscent of the sunburnt wood facades in the community. The dark color enhances the composition‘s importance in its interaction with the light building volumes of the historic complex. The roof is covered with an anthracite colored metal roof. It creates a connection with the surrounding shed roofs and at the same time emphasizes the cuboid appearance of the new volume. The building‘s terraced floors follow the topography. The result is an exciting sequence of spaces and the highest possible degree of efficiency in the dimensions of the built volumes as well as an interesting design of the facade which is coherently oriented towards the functional of the interior spaces.