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Apartmenthäuser Hohenbühlstrasse Zürich

best architects 07

multi-family homes


Zürich | Schweiz



Gaston Wicky


We are in heart of Zurich, whose buildings, streets, parks, and plots are pocket-sized from an urban point of view. Land parcels are characteristically small as are those reserved for residential buildings. Showcase of the project are two volumetric-ally discreet buildings encased by a composite skin. The two volumes enter the scene glistening in a dazzling sheath. Analogous to clothing, the sunscreen – the garment‘s pièce de résistance – presents itself as a coat that is both protective as well as seductively representative. What was originally used as a mass-produced mesh for conveyor belts in industrial bakeries is here transformed into a silver fabric, a curtain which acquires various complexions according to changes in light. Behind this armature, an all-glass membrane envelops the building. This is followed within by yet a further layer comprised of movable wall panels whose colors are coordinated. Silver membrane, glass, and colored plates define a triadic scene that is reinforced through constant adaptation. The three layers are flexibly interrelated and can be moved toward or away from each other. Residents choreograph their own environment. At any time of the day or year they decide on the extent of seclusion, determine what they want to see or screen. Simultaneously, they are able to define the building’s appearance ranging from disguise to disclosure, from a shimmering and introverted solitude to a multitude of color combinations, or they can opt for complete transparency. Light and movement enhance the radiance of this dress. Paraphrasing Andy Warhol, Hohenbühl is “the place to think silver”.