Titus Bernhard: Haus K - best architects 07

Titus Bernhard

Haus K

best architects 07

single family homes


St. Quirin / Tegernsee


Christian Richters


Construction guidelines in the area around Lake Tegernsee are quite restrictive. How, then, to respond to the qualities of a traditional Bavarian cultural landscape, one thoroughly worthy of preservation, while also doing justice to the demand for a reassessment that takes advantage of contemporary design resources? The result was a typologically simple house that conforms to all guidelines governing roof shape and pitch (15–25 degrees), materiality, etc. The house is embedded in the steep slope of the parcel and scenarizes the marvellous views onto Lake Tegernsee. The structure’s distinctiveness lies in the facades and roof, formed of split larch shingles, which are spread across the surfaces like a snakeskin, and the avoidance of any roof overhang. The house is characterized by its economical and painstaking detailing.