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Roland Halbe


Idea, concept > The design relates to Marc Angélil’s master plan and is intended to implement its basic idea: “The dynamic that was hither to concealed in the landscape elements is transformed into dynamic building structures ...” This has produced a dynamically curved, but calm and relatively compact building, drawing an artificial topography from the terrain. Landscape and movement are the design catalysts. > Building and space > An upward-curving “earth layer” contains the car park and delivery areas. A forum-like forecourt is defined by curved steps for sitting on. This continues into the building’s interior, and is taken up by a gallery edge. The boomerang-shaped building seems to want to rotate, and is held in place by a glowing core. This thrusts through the roof in the form of a tower, and provides advertising facilities and a projection screen. It is entirely covered with fabric. The industrial glass façade follows the curved upward spiral of the floor levels unobtrusively. It has a double shell, is smooth inside and outside, and has no framing. > Design concept > Archi-tecture and design are closely linked, and were developed in dialogue. A comprehensive guide system was developed that includes almost all the areas, places and pathways. In terms of both form and content there is a strong connection with the theme of sport, and attention was also paid to the adidas “branding” aspect. The momentary nature of sporting events was addressed in the design concept, and appears as Corporate Design in the car park in just the same way as it does in the factory outlet, the forecourt and the open air areas. Various media are brought into play to convey an impression of a thoroughly sporting dynamic, thus complementing the architectural concept. The tower is bright with pulsating light, visual and acoustic media devices are installed in the foyer, and these also support the interior dynamics as light objects. Special furniture like the bar, Internet access points and checkout counters are designed as dynamically distorted blocks. The building was erected in the year 2003 in the space of nine months.