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Peichl und Partner

Messe Wien Neu

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Wien | Österreich


Peichl & Partner faced the task of reconciling a number of partially conflicting requirements. On the one hand, the sheer scale of the building volume and area involved called for a highly structured approach in terms of design, technology and economics. On the other hand, the architects felt obliged to continue the conceptual dialogue with the ‘Prater’ site and all it implies, and to find an appropriate way to deal with the much less tangible concerns of its history, future potential, nature, scale, comfortableness, friendliness and originality while addressing the need to respond to immanent expectations of establishing a new landmark and fresh source of identity for the Prater and the city as a whole, one whose effects were meant to be felt far beyond the boundaries of Vienna. One will look in vain for fashionable extravagance; the architectural mindset behind the project is committed to the ideas of classic modernism and the ensemble’s individual components – exhibition halls, foyers, office tower, Congress Center, Mall – all adhere to the readability of function, logical construction and technology.