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Paznaun | Österreich



Margherita Spiluttini


The winning project of a 2-leveled, EU-wide architecture-competition, was built, after an intense phase of planning, in only 15 months’ time and was opened to public at the beginnig of the term in autumn 2004. It was the merit of an alliance of 4 villages in the valley, to find a location for a new school that serves all their pupils. In order to avoid waste of land, the school and its big, alterable gym were built tightly and across the valley. The organisation of the building corresponds to this general orientation. Therefore all classrooms are orientated towards east, whereas the rooms mostly used in the afternoon are arranged in a westward direction. Music-rooms and the gym are the focal point of the secondary school. The core-piece of the building is the wide assembly-hall that enables immediate access to classrooms and the wide courtyard (roof of the gym). The school and its big gym are jointly designed as a compact body; its form and materials react to the site and merge with the landscape. The building was erected as a massive-construction with wooden and glass finishing-elements; precise and thoughtfull appliance of colour accentuates its appearance.