Ernst Beneder / Anja Fischer: Pfarrkirche in Gallspach - best architects 07

Ernst Beneder / Anja Fischer

Pfarrkirche in Gallspach

best architects 07

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Gallspach | Oberösterreich


The volume is built up along an elliptic base line and embraces the complete church precinct. The wooden frame-work is radiantly set and follows the sloped site as an ambulatory, while lining upthe Apse (now as the funeral parlor) and the bell tower of the old church, finally arriving with the choir’s stage in the new church space. The enclosure offers a silent patio. Below the space of the church opens up into the high rising weekday chapel, which in its upper part occupies the centre of the courtyard. Massive and bridged by cantilevering concrete beams, it supports the intermediate plattform, on which the wooden structure is put. There are 280 seats in the church and 40 more in the chapel.