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Kulturspeicher Würzburg

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André Mühling


The site by the river – a harbour – a crane in front of the building – the colour of the stone: powerful, almost archetypical images cast a spell on us. Then we start to remember – a house tells its story: hustle and bustle, hectic noises, iron sounds upon iron, this squealing of breaking wagons, the chugging of tugs, the swinging cranes, lifting and lowering their loads ... silence. Finally, the future jumps at the offer: a storehouse has been transformed into an art depot. Rooms have grown. Rooms that make it obvious: the combination of the old and the new insights, prospects, and perspectives – entrances, passages, open-ings – materials and surfaces. The rooms arouse curiosity, open links and create emotions. Our most passionate image: the river behind us, waves softly breaking at the quay in the dusk of the evening, coolly creeping up our backs. In front of us the old façade with the grained lime-stone and the weather-worn sandstone – together with the lime-and the sandstone slaps of the new façade gradually but steadily changing their positions sidewards and upwards. True things, that just stand for themselves, that are simply there. The light emerging from the openings of the façade creates a tension turning into curiosity. And it gives an idea of the interior: new elements respectfully integrated into and placed next to the old building; an unobtrusive, natural space; a space for living, a space for arts, or concrete art That will not refer to anything but be content with itself. Pure chance? And a grape wine behind the house sinks its long roots into the steep hill; what a beautiful coincidence! A prickly sensation in the tummy – a sense of well-being. A storehouse was transformed into an art depot. This art depot is supposed to become a place that takes up new ideas and gives them on. It is also supposed to become a place that does not forget its past but tells it on. The architecture stands for it.