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Granitmuseum Hauzenberg

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André Mühling


Small, trodden paths lead us to the right places. You guess the ground plan. The walls find their place and grow out of the quarry which is part of the landscape – they are treasures from the ground. Granite blocks are piled up, the remains of the exploitation are transformed into living walls. Their own weight and iron stanchions support the construction. For decades the local people have made a living from exploiting this quarry. For they are experts in working with granite, the people from this region take part in building the house. The roofs, which are made of broken granite of different graining, follow the topography. One is reminded of a stone dessert – is this a place for the arts? Natural rock is transformed into concrete. Granite, cement and water from deep below the surface, are its ingredients. Thus walls and ceilings grow into rooms with different surfaces. Some of them are roughly hewn, while others are delicately polished. They tell of skilled craftsmanship, its ideals and its posssibilities – from clear structures to ornamental work. From the outside to the interior, gates, door frames and steel stanchions of the façade hint at the content of iron in the rock. Paths and lanes, washed to the rock, run past the façades. A glimpse of light falls through the roof. A place with chairs and a table opens a view into the quarry – outlook and insight at the same time. The room below at the water with its glass curtain and the ridge – tells its story. The other rooms, opened through precise cuttings, show their inmost – their own skin. Softly sound the steps on the wooden floors with a view out, through the open stone walls. The walls having been smoothed and darkly coated with graphite, point at the other treasures in the ground. The massive stone walls echo the burbling of the water. A place like a rock.