Atelier Brückner: Viv(r)e les frontières – Grenzen (er)leben - best architects 07

Atelier Brückner

Viv(r)e les frontières – Grenzen (er)leben

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EXPO 02 in Biel | Schweiz


The exhibition pavilion »Grenzen (er)leben« realized for the Swiss National Exhibition EXPO.02 deals with the question of trespassing borders, with the development of social limits, with their necessity and their change. > Architecture > The pavilion a shining silvery cube hidden in a forest of poles is situated on the Arteplage Biel an artificial platform in the lake. The thicket of nine meters high poles forms the static structure of the architecture and symbolizes the numerous borders within the social texture. > Exhibition > Inside the pavilion 28 cabins surround the central space serving as a 360°-projection screen. Inside these cabins seven different characters simultaneously tell stories about their personal experience in ‘breaking a limit’. In the central space the entire individual stories merge to a social perspective. The formerly isolated characters start to interact and form social groupings in a world of their own. > Message > The spatial concept is a prolonged frontier crossing, a retarded moment of overthrow between two stable moments. The pavilion suggests the experience someone perceives in the moment of transgression.