Dominik Dreiner: König Metall Gaggenau - best architects 07

Dominik Dreiner

König Metall Gaggenau

best architects 07

commercial/industrial buildings


The new additions to the factory, built in 1990, were a building for administration and a building for technology – the production hall is divided into three individual halls. The newly added buildings are positioned to the northeast, behind the factory building. Existing lines of production and entrance halls are continued throughout, so that the new and the old form a functional, homogeneous production sequence. The three storey administration and technology building is postioned parallel to the production hall. The entrance is glazed towards the gable end on both fronts and unities old and new. The three halls, measuring 28 x 85 meters each, were built in two phases.Together the three halls form a homogeneous building of 85 x 85 meters. The production hall encased in highly polished stainless steel stands in sharp contrast to the administration and technology buildings, plastered in a very dark colour. The facades were especially developed for König Metall and fabricated by the company. The highly polished IIID-stainless steel sheets are only of 0,4 mm thickness.The shingles are chamfered and imbricating. The underconstruction is a traditional mount.