Andreas Treusch: Air Cargo Center und Handling Center West - best architects 07

Andreas Treusch

Air Cargo Center und Handling Center West

best architects 07

commercial/industrial buildings


Wien | Österreich


Urban context > The master planning of the air cargo buildings and conveyance areas was based on the existent hall and office space. The new Air Cargo Center and the Handling Center West meet all requirements of a modern shipping concern and fits in the developing structure of the airport Vienna. The three-storey office waler is the consequent further development of the office space and is geared to the building lines. The three existing westerly halls are going to be modernised and supplemented with a new one. The vertical stepping, storage – offices, reflects a functional over-all concept establishing a new identification through its formal design. > Modular System > With the additive linkage of modular systems a compact and cost-effective constructive solution was found. It is composed of the prime structure (reinforced concrete frame, stilts and cores, main framework carriers made of gluelam), the secondary structure (cladding and shed roof made of wooden sandwich panels) and the tertiary structure (flexible partition walls, suspended ceilings). > Office Waler > The buildings unique appearance is dominated by the protruding antiglare shield fins that ensure good view onto the front area with optimum shadowing effects. > Halls > The novel wooden shed roof opens the horizontal space boundary upward and ideally illuminates the hall with even light coming from north. The cladding is made of insulating metal panels on steel profiles. A light-band additionally illuminates the cargo hall and accents its smooth appearance.