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Daniele Marques

Haus am Vierwaldstättersee

best architects 07

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Vierwaldstättersee | Schweiz


The house is in a fascinating location; it is situated on the lakeside with a view of the Alps. On the eastern side the land slopes down to a gap in the cliff, through which there is a steep path leading down to the lake shore. The property is accessed via a road which borders to the south. The L-shaped building has one protective wing along the road and the other wing stretches away from the road and into the grounds. The living area is terrace-like; it has a large terrace adjoining the garden and the Lake. The atmosphere in the house is that of its topology; it is a type of courtyard house with strong indoor and outdoor relationships. A colour concept provided by dark, reddish wood, painted surfaces, black polished granite, softly reflecting black water surfaces and parchment coloured walls creates an atmospheric interior. Outside the clay-coloured concrete, the frameless glass panes, the sliding windows, the cream roller blinds and the wooden decking create an external atmosphere. Comprehensive elements emphasise the relationship between architecture and landscape, such as, for example, the spaceframing walls stretching from inside to outside; or the relationship between the wooden parquet flooring and the wooden decking. In a similar way, the element of water inside the house and on the terrace acts as a reference to the lake. Finally, a garden path starting from inside the house running throughout the site clearly expresses the quality of the location. The support structure consists of a steel concrete construction with visible surface concrete that was poured on site. The virtually unsupported main living area is the result of the bridgelike hanging construction of the building.