Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner: Biokatalyse TU Graz - best architects 07

Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner

Biokatalyse TU Graz

best architects 07

office/administrative buildings


Biokatalyse TU Graz


Paul Ott


The basic urban development idea of this project was to carry out an architectonic reorganization of the surrounding buildings and area with the new building. The Biokatalyse is the urban centre of the technical university campus, and with its clear architectural shape, takes the function of a reorganizing intervention. This architectonic and urban design concept is supported and enhanced by the landscaping of the site. The openess of the entrance areas, in combination with the ground floor, highlights the functional and architectural cooperation with the existing chemistry and biochemistry buildings. The southern facade is entirely glazed, screened by folding, external sunshading elements, while bands of fenestration give structure to the northern facade. The colour and structure of these folding elements, constructed of perforated aluminium, as a dynamic facade element symbolize the continual repositioning of current scientific research. The changeability and the colourfulness of these elements give the facade a playful nature which is constantly redefined. The colour on the outside is continued on the inside with the service boxes, which contain sanitation and auxillary spaces, and give each research platform an identity with its own individual colour.