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School in Orsonnens

best architects 19 in gold



Orsonnens / Schweiz


Luis Díaz Díaz


The proposal reads the environment and reinterprets it. The new school was based on nearby traditional farm models, which are characterised by a clear structural order where the interior is the star and honest construction and a neutral volume are the guiding principles. In these traditional farms and in the new Orsonnens school, structure is the main character, with structural order and clarity the key focus shaping the interior of the building. The constructional honesty of the traditional farms is thus also present in the new school. Each of the structural elements is expressed formally and independently from the rest. The building extends across a former car park, respecting the line of existing trees inside the plot without encroaching on the natural landscape beyond. In contrast to the neutrality of the exterior, the interior is complex, a vertical space that unfolds multiple visual relationships. A sculptural central pillar rises to the roof, where it is drilled to let in the light. The layout is arranged around an empty space. Classrooms rotate around this central void. This space will be the meeting point for students, the realm of social relations and the axis of movement. A space full of life for observing and taking part in the flurry of school activities.