Ludescher + Lutz: Umbrüggler Alm – Ausflugsrestaurant oberhalb von Innsbruck - best architects 17 in Gold

Ludescher + Lutz

Umbrüggler Alm – Ausflugsrestaurant oberhalb von Innsbruck

best architects 17 in Gold

Sonstige Bauten


Innsbruck / Österreich


Elmar Ludescher



Amidst tall spruce trees and steep slopes, a clearing in the forest welcomes hikers and skiers, inviting them to linger in this sunny and scenic spot. In order to ideally reinforce these two qualities, the building is situated at the upper edge of the meadow, right below the forest path. The restaurant garden opens appealingly towards the guests while the building volume shelters them from behind; a shingled roof promises protection from the sun and the elements, and the chimney protruding from it signals far and wide the presence of the inn. The Umbrüggler Alm is integrated into the landscape through gentle modifications. Its iconic roof covers the entire organic floor plan at varying angles of inclination. As it weathers and turns grey, it will increasingly blend in with the silhouettes of the spruce trees. The terrace borders the meadow without any demarcation, becoming part of the landscape. The space allows for casual comings and goings, to see and be seen. A bench encircling the building provides sheltered seating overlooking the valley. At the centre of the restaurant’s main room is a bar. A bench extends along the windowed side of the building, allowing for a view extending nearly 180 degrees, shaded and framed by the overhanging roof. The smaller room, which also accommodates private functions, has its own fireplace with a lower ceiling above it. The roof is covered in native larchwood shingles, while the interior walls of the guest rooms have knot-free pine panelling.