Brandlhuber+ Emde / Burlon / Riegler Riewe: Kulturzentrum St. Agnes / Berlin - best architects 17

Brandlhuber+ Emde / Burlon / Riegler Riewe

Kulturzentrum St. Agnes / Berlin

best architects 17

Sonstige Bauten


Berlin / Deutschland


Michael Reisch



The conversion of the community centre originally built by Werner Düttmann into an arts and culture centre required a particularly sensitive approach due to the conservation classification of the ensemble. The sole structural intervention consists of a concrete »table« with a circumferential joint that was added to the existing structure of the former church interior. This minimally invasive addition not only adheres to the strict requirements of the monument protection authority but also endows the building with a »socially useful purpose« in accordance with the Venice Charter. The horizontal space resulting from the introduction of the »table« changes the typology of the building and facilitates the use of the structure as a gallery. On the upper level, a well-proportioned space emerges, to be used as an exhibition area, while »utility« spaces such as storage and work spaces are located on the lower level. Furthermore, the »table« provides all features and media necessary for the gallery. The social character of the community centre as a public space is retained due to the presence of various programmes on site: a non-profit exhibition space, an educational establishment, a small art book publisher, an arts journal and a café currently share the premises with the König Gallery.